This page contains Frequently Asked Questions. Otherwise, click the "Book Appointment" button to continue to the online scheduler. An illustrated step by step will be coming soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add an animal to my Pet Portal?

A: In the Your Pets section, the last square on the right (you may need to use the arrows after "View More Pets" to scroll to the end if you have a lot of animals in your account) has a blue plus sign in the corner and a black "Book Appointment" button underneath it. Click this one to add a new animal to your account.  

Q: If I'm a New Client how do I schedule a second animal?

A: Go ahead and schedule the first animal as a "New to the practice" client. When you get to the confirmation page you will have three option buttons for how to proceed.

  • Click the "Setup or Update Your Personal Password" button.

  • You will be asked to create a password for your Pet Portal.

  • After you've made a password and gotten the email confirmation you will be taken to the Pet Portal.

  • Once in the Pet Portal you should see the first animal you scheduled and to the right of that is a button that says "Appointment for New Pet" and underneath a black "Book Appointment" button.

  • Click this and you can add another animal and schedule them. 

If you ended up back at the Main Page instead of the Confirmation Page after scheduling your first animal just click the "Already visited the practice" button. This will take you to the page to set up your Pet Portal. Follow the instructions from the second bullet point above. 

Q: How do I tell you about additional services I would like to have done at the time of surgery?

A: On the page that says "Please review and book" at the top there is a box at the bottom that says "Any specific comments for this visit?" You can type any other services you would like to add or special instructions here and we will get your message and add the treatments to your visit. 

Q: How do I change the name of a pet already in my Pet Portal? 

A: Unfortunately, you cannot change the name of a pet from the Pet Portal. You will need to call us 330-558-1540 so we can change it in our system which will update it in the Portal within 24 hours.